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You’re looking for an exciting, satisfying, lucrative new career … and you’ve found it! Commercial diving and underwater welding jobs offer variety, adventure, and reward. They require high levels of skill, knowledge, and technical expertise. They demand the best – and they deliver the best!

A Leading Commercial Diving and Underwater Welding Academy

Divers Academy International is a remarkable commercial diving and underwater welding academy. We offer comprehensive diving and welding training at our custom-designed, modern facility – complete with an onsite deep water dive quarry that will give you the real-world experience employers are looking for! You will graduate as a fully-certified commercial diver and underwater welder, ready to enter any professional diving career!

You are Five Months Away from Your Goal!
Our intensive 20-week program is designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need, hundreds of hours of hands-on experience, and practical help with career placement assistance. You will come away a fully-certified professional, ready to enter your new commercial diving or underwater welding career!

Begin your commercial diving or underwater welding career today! Call 1-800-238-DIVE (3483).

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