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Big News From Divers Academy International

Divers Academy International is excited to announce two NEW programs:

  • Professional Commercial Diving Technology Program
  • Non Destructive Testing Technology (NDT) Program

Both programs offer students the opportunity to gain more specific training and to further expand their skills and broaden their career opportunities.

With a new Allentown, Pennsylvania campus that boasts the deepest dive training quarry in the United States at over 280 feet, we encourage you to visit our Programs page to learn more about these two exciting, new programs. Classes are filling up now for spring 2015!

Your New Career is Ready!

You’re looking for an exciting, satisfying, lucrative new career … and you’ve found it! Commercial diving and underwater welding jobs offer variety, adventure, and reward. They require high levels of skill, knowledge, and technical expertise. They demand the best – and they deliver the best!

A Leading Commercial Diving and Underwater Welding Academy

Divers Academy International is a remarkable commercial diving and underwater welding academy. We offer comprehensive diving and welding training at our custom-designed, modern facility – complete with an onsite deep water dive quarry that will give you the real-world experience employers are looking for! You will graduate as a fully-certified commercial diver and underwater welder, ready to enter any professional diving career!

You are Five Months Away from Your Goal!
Our intensive 20-week program is designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need, hundreds of hours of hands-on experience, and practical help with career placement assistance. You will come away a fully-certified professional, ready to enter your new commercial diving or underwater welding career!

Begin your commercial diving or underwater welding career today! Call 1-800-238-DIVE (3483).

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