We are excited that you are considering taking a big leap and diving into your education at Divers Academy International®!
To begin, please complete the application form below and our admission office will contact you shortly.

Student Responsibilities:

  • I understand I must have the required personal dive gear by the third week of school. This can be purchased at the school store.
  • I understand I must have at least one month's living expenses upon arrival and that transportation to and from the school is not provided. It is recommended to car pool with other students or use public transportation.
  • I understand I can have absolutely no physical limitations or concerns, and must be free of any medications.
  • I understand it is recommended that I have personal medical insurance and obtain insurance for my dive gear.
  • International students must provide proficient proof of verbal and written English comprehension.

Acceptance of this Application by the Academy is at the sole discretion of the School. If rejected, the applicant's application fee will be refunded.
Upon acceptance by the School, this Application for Enrollment becomes an agreement whereby the following terms and conditions are understood and agreed to by the School and each party signing this Agreement.
Agreement - All items and pages of the Application for Enrollment constitute one agreement.

Terms and Conditions