Career Placement Assistance

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For many schools, the extent of “career placement” is help writing a resume – after that, the graduate is on his or her own. Divers Academy International is very active and plays an important role in the commercial diving industry.

We take your future seriously. Our staff is ready to assist you in meeting your career goals and in securing that ever-important first position.

Whether you are seeking a commercial diving job, an underwater welding job, or an underwater construction job, we will help you develop a compelling resume to showcase your skills, experience, and qualifications. But that is just the first step. We then network with over 100 inland and offshore companies plus our alumni to gain you the contacts you need to land the job you want. The members of our staff will then walk you step by step through the interview and negotiation process.

Companies throughout the commercial diving and underwater welding industries contact Divers Academy International regularly to arrange interviews with recent graduates. They recognize that our training is top-of-the-line, and that our graduates are well-qualified for any commercial diving job, underwater welding job, or underwater construction job. In fact, many companies east of the Mississippi are owned and operated by our alumni – and they know firsthand where to turn to find skilled divers.

Some of the leading companies employing Divers Academy International graduates include:

  • AquaTech Marine Inc., ME
  • Atlantis Diving Contractors Inc., Puerto Rico
  • BIDCO Marine Group, NY
  • Blackledge Diving, CA
  • Caldwell Marine International, LLC., NJ
  • Chet Morrison, LA
  • Commercial Diving & Marine Services Inc., MI
  • Crofton Diving Corporation, VA
  • Dominion Diving Limited, Canada
  • Eason Diving & Marine Contractors Inc., SC
  • Epic Divers & Marine, LA
  • HC Nutting Company, OH
  • Lake Erie Diving Inc., OH
  • Logan Diving, Inc., FL
  • Madcon Corp., LA
  • Magone Marine Service Inc., AK
  • Mainstream Commercial Divers Inc., KY
  • Marine Technologies, Inc., MD
  • Miami Divers, Inc., FL
  • Oceaneering International Inc., LA, VA, CA, Int’l
  • Pacific Diving Industries Inc., HI
  • Pile Drivers Union
  • Pro-Dive Inc., IL
  • Solomon Diving Inc., MI
  • Titan Maritime, LLC., FL
  • Torch Offshore Inc., TX
  • Underwater Construction Corporation, CT
  • US Underwater Services Inc., TX

With five months of intensive training, you will be skilled, experienced, and highly employable – ready to get the job you’ve been dreaming of! Aim High, Dive Deep! Call 1-800-238-DIVE (3483) today.