Commercial Deep Sea Diving Program

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Commercial Deep Sea Diving Program

Divers Academy International is ready to help you launch your commercial diving and underwater welding career. Through our intensive, accelerated program, you will be fully certified in a matter of months!

Divers Academy offers a unique, flexible Commercial Deep Sea Diving program so you can get the training that best meets your career goals. 

Our core Commercial Deep Sea Program has an intensive 20-week, 720 Clock hour program that offers comprehensive certification and will prepare you for entry-level employment as a commercial diver. The curriculum, training and real-world experience are carefully designed to develop your ability to follow standard professional practices in order to operate independently, work safely, and act wisely in the inshore commercial diving industry  Each element of the of the program is required to become a fully certified commercial diver to the ANSI/ACDE01-209 commercial diver standard.s.

Commercial Deep Sea Diving Program Length

Location: Main Campus, Erial, NJ
Total Classroom Hours: 232
Total Practical Experience: 488

Total Program Hours: 720 clock hours

Total Number of Weeks: 20

Total Hours Per Week: 36

Total Number of Months: 5

A clock hour is defined as 50 minutes of instruction in a 60-minute period of time.