Commercial Diving Careers

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Commercial Diving Careers

What do you want from your life and your job?

A commercial diving career offers significant benefits:

  • You will be part of a select group of professionals … your skills will never be obsolete.
  • Excitement and adventure will be part of your daily diet … in a commercial diving career, no two days are ever the same because no two dives are ever the same.
  • You can choose a position that requires travel, allowing you to see the country … even the world.
  • Your earning potential will expand significantly … a commercial diving career is very lucrative!

Some people assume that a commercial diving career means scuba diving to salvage ships. In fact, commercial diving careers are many and varied. Dozens of industries use commercial divers, and their jobs draw upon a wide range of dive skills and expertise.

Here is a sampling of what is available when you pursue a commercial diving career:

A commercial diving career is one that garners great respect, because the commercial diver must be multi-talented. On land, people can call construction workers, electricians, plumbers, welders, etc. to a jobsite. Under the water, there is only the commercial diver. He or she must be skilled in every discipline to perform the inspections, maintenance, repairs, and construction required for the job.

A commercial diving career is an exciting challenge: one that attracts people who are industrious, intelligent, skilled, and savvy. Through Divers Academy International, you can meet that challenge and reap the rewards it brings!