The Complete Guide to Commercial Diving School

What you need to know about commercial diving.

There’s no doubt that commercial diving is a thrilling career that attracts adventurous people. If you’d rather tackle dynamic challenges in a high-stakes, high-reward environment than sit behind a desk, then this guide is for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of high school or a few years into a different career — this guide will teach you what it takes to become a successful commercial diver.

What jobs can commercial divers get?

  • Underwater welding
  • HAZMAT diving, saturation diving, nuclear diving, and offshore diving
  • Flotation devices maintenance
  • Hyperbaric chamber operations
  • Rock drilling and blasting
  • Underwater painting
  • Wellhead repair and management
  • Grouting
  • Oil rig repair, inspection, and maintenance
  • Inspect, repair, and restore shipping piers and shipyards
  • Pipeline and valve repair
  • Bridge, dam, and water treatment facility repair

There are many potential jobs for a commercial diver. Skilled, certified divers are in constant demand, especially in the marine construction, civil engineering, and global communications fields. As divers advance through their careers, they often choose roles of supervisor or manager. Whichever path you end up taking, your journey starts at the same place: commercial diving school.