Commercial Diving Careers

Dive Into A Lucrative Career Field

Dive Into A Lucrative Career Field

A commercial diving career is an exciting challenge – one that attracts people who are industrious, intelligent, skilled, and adventurous. The trade also offers significant benefits:

  • You will be part of a select group of professionals and your skills will never be obsolete.
  • Excitement and adventure will be part of your daily diet. In a commercial diving career, no two days are ever the same because no two dives are ever the same.
  • You can choose a position that requires travel, allowing you to see the country or even the world.
  • Your earning potential will expand significantly. Commercial diving careers are very lucrative!

Some people assume that a commercial diving career means scuba diving to salvage ships. In fact, commercial diving jobs are many and varied. Dozens of industries use commercial divers, and their jobs draw upon a wide range of dive skills and expertise.

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Professional Commercial Diving Opportunities

As a commercial diver, you will be able to take advantage of career opportunities in the marine construction field, civil engineering field, and global communications. Here are just a few of the opportunities that may be available to you after you complete commercial dive school:

Oil Rigs

Offshore oil rigs are prime opportunities for commercial divers with their constant inspections, repairs, and maintenance. Oil rigs also provide many opportunities for underwater welding and underwater construction jobs with their submersed structures and miles of underwater pipe lines.

Civil Engineering

Bridges, tunnels, and dams are in constant need of divers, and often require underwater welding and underwater construction jobs. Bridges require substructure “underwater” inspection every one to five years depending on the age and integrity of the bridge. If a bridge has sever flooding, it must be closed and inspected prior to being open for commuter traffic. Most people cross bridges everyday and have no idea divers were probably under water inspecting it that day.

Nuclear Diving

Nuclear power plants use river water for their processing. The intake systems and holding pools require regular maintenance and inspection work.

Ship Husbandry and Shipyards

Divers regularly work under some of the largest sea-going vessels to inspect and repair props, shafts, and sea chests. Divers also inspect, repair, and restore shipping piers and shipyards as the integrity of the pilings becomes jeopardized with age.

Water and Power

Divers inspect water treatment facilities and hydroelectric plants to keep them up to code.

Hazmat Diving

A commercial diving career can be part of creating a greener environment! Divers repair damaged pipelines and valves to control and contain oil spills, and further pollution control work.

Scientific Diving

There is a place for the commercial diver in the scientific field as well: studying and testing underwater environments for research and scientific purposes.


Underwater welding and underwater construction jobs are constantly opening up. Divers lay miles of underwater fiber optic cable to keep our world connected.

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