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Potential Income For Commercial Divers

Potential Income For Commercial Divers

You have a great deal of control over the pay you receive in your commercial diving career! A commercial divers career can be lucrative, but what determines your salary? Commercial Diving pay is ultimately based on three key aspects:

  • The diver’s personal expertise: Commercial diving pay takes the individual’s level of skill into account. A fast, efficient, skilled diver will receive a salary corresponding to his or her expertise. As a result, diver’ salaries can increase rapidly as skill is demonstrated.
  • The geographic location of the company: A commercial diver’s pay in Louisiana, for instance, will typically be less than a comparable job would receive in New York. There are two reasons for this: first, divers’ salaries may be influenced by union wages in one location and not in another. Second, the cost of living of the area usually influences salary levels across the board.
  • The type and size of the company: Small commercial diving firms may have 1 to 5 crews, medium companies may have 8 to 12 crews, and large businesses may have 20 or more crews on staff. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the company, the more they can afford to pay.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Average Starting Salary for Graduates

How much does Commercial Diving & Underwater Welding Pay?

Professional Commercial Diver (NJ) mean hourly wage $34.85 and Annual mean wage of $72,500.*

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*According to the New Jersey Bureau of Labor Statistics May 2017
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