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Tamara M. Brown, President /  CEO

Tamara M. Brown, President / CEO

Welcome to Divers Academy International®! As a leading commercial diving academy, we are ready to launch you into the exciting and rapidly growing world of commercial diving.

The possibilities in commercial diving are endless: the energy industries – oil, electric, and nuclear – all use commercial divers constantly for inspection, maintenance, and repair. Civil engineering calls in divers for bridges, dams, tunnels, and other underwater structures. And our increasingly connected world requires commercial divers to lay hundreds of miles of underwater cables.

At our commercial diving academy, you will receive the comprehensive training and complete certifications you need to enter any and all of these industries. You will learn from experienced, certified instructors, and have hundreds of hours of practical experience in our warm, deep water quarry. From day one on the job, you will be ready to dive!

We believe that our role as a commercial diving academy and underwater welding training school does not end with your graduation. We are committed to helping you find the job you have trained so hard for. Our career placement specialists have connections with hundreds of companies both inland and offshore who have positions opening every day. These firms know the quality of our graduates and are ready to start you on your new career.

For over four decades, Divers Academy International® has been offering practical experience, modern equipment, and an industry-leading curriculum, enabling our graduates to enter the field of commercial diving prepared, experienced, and confident. We invite you to dive in!


About Tamara Brown

Tamara “Tammy” Brown, President and CEO, began her career in commercial diving in 1982 after graduating from what was then Divers Academy of the Eastern Seaboard.

The school was located on the Delaware River in Camden, New Jersey, and owned and operated by her parents, Captain Bill and Sharron Brown. Upon graduating, Tammy was active in the commercial diving world, earning many advanced certifications in related fields such as bridge inspection and nondestructive testing. She was also very active with the Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and Colleges of Technology as a Management Specialist and Team Leader.

Tammy also worked at Divers Academy, advancing to the position of School Director in 1990. During these years, Tammy’s career in the diving industry was continuing to progress. She became the President of the Association of Commercial Diving Educators and held the position several times. She was also one of the pioneers who developed commercial diving certification standards, working successfully to have those standards accredited by the American National Standards Institute. Tammy has been recognized as a leader in the commercial diving industry throughout her impressive career.

Tammy’s career is a testament to her leadership and vision for advancement within the field of commercial diving. This unrelenting passion for vocational education and commitment to commercial diving earned herself the honor as one of the first inductees into the Women Divers Hall of Fame in New York City.

Tammy purchased Divers Academy of the Eastern Seaboard in 2006, took over as President and CEO, and renamed the school Divers Academy International®. She had a broad vision for the future and purchased a 40-acre, 60’ deep quarry in Erial, NJ as well as the surrounding property. She oversaw construction of a state-of-the-art education and training facility right at the water’s edge. This beautiful facility is conveniently located just north of Atlantic City, NJ, accessible to both Philadelphia and New York City.

Tammy’s passion for diving drove her to keep a keen eye on industry trends and consider the future. She researched advanced curriculum options to build upon the professional standards of Divers Academy International®. This passion allowed higher certification levels for graduates and investment in supporting technologies that provide students with invaluable education in the industry. Tammy continued to look forward and after considerable research purchased a nearly 300’ deep quarry in Allentown, PA, where students train to the highest deep dive international standard. She included options in Underwater Welding Technologies and Deep Dive Mixed Gas. Tammy’s passion and the fact that she keeps her finger on the pulse of the diving industry kept her pushing forward.

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