Post Military Opportunities

Military Skill Sets Translate Well To Diving

Military Skill Sets Translate Well To Diving

Many veterans don’t look forward to being tied to a desk 40 hours a week in a civilian job. Commercial diving is therefore an ideal post-military and veteran career. With commercial diving, you as a veteran can achieve lucrative employment with the opportunity to:

  • Use your command and control skills.
    Commercial diving carries with it tremendous responsibility and requires constant independent thinking. You must be in command and in control of a dive at all times.
  • Deepen your technical skills.
    Commercial diving is not restricted to a single area. You will learn to weld, build, inspect, rig, repair, and more – opening up a huge number of jobs in a wide range of industries.
  • Travel across the country and around the world.
    If you enjoy traveling, commercial diving jobs can take you onto ocean vessels, into shipyards, and abroad to remote locations.
  • Take your family with you.
    You no longer have to be separated from your home and family. Commercial diving jobs can be found where you currently live, throughout the country, and across the globe.
  • Exercise teamwork.
    In a commercial diving situation, teamwork is paramount. As a military veteran who knows how to work with and support a team, you will be especially valued.
  • Utilize your survival training.
    There is a distinct element of risk in every dive. Your survival training as a military veteran will be put to good use and be appreciated by your fellow divers.

From the Army to Commercial Diving

Meet Norman Bogiel, a former Army diver who now trains students at Divers Academy. He explains just how similar his experience in the military has been compared to life at our commercial diving school in New Jersey.

Assistance for Post-Military and Veteran Careers

Divers Academy International® is a military-friendly and VA-approved school, ready to help you enter your new civilian job. As a military veteran, you may eligible to receive assistance in the following:

GI Bill Funding

You can use your Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33), Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30), or vocational rehabilitation benefits at Divers Academy International® to cover up to 95% of your tuition.

Federal Loans

Federal student loans and Pell grants may be available to cover the remaining portion of your tuition costs.

Student Housing

We will be glad to assist you in making living arrangements.

Career Placement

Our staff is ready to assist you in meeting your career goals and in securing your first post-military job.

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