Professional Commercial Diving Technology Program

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Professional Commercial Diving Technology Program

Our fully comprehensive 900 Clock Hour, 25-week Professional Commercial Diving Technology program is an advanced program that offers deep dive training to meet specific inshore and International offshore career goals. This program offers more specific training, extra experience, and further certification to broaden your career opportunities for both inshore and offshore careers. This program will take place at both our main campus in New Jersey and our deep dive quarry, satellite campus in Allentown, PA. This unique deep dive program will cover mixed gas diving courses at the deepest dive training quarry in the United States. This course reviews and advances your knowledge and understanding of decompression theory and procedures to prepare you for deeper diving and international certification programs. The course includes routine and emergency decompression tables and procedures at deep depths, hot water dive suits, hyperbaric chamber dives and Class II dive bell operations. After successful completion of the Professional Commercial Diving Technology Program, students may qualify for DCBC Canadian Unrestricted, international commercial dive certification. For more information on the Professional Commercial Diving Technology Program, call: 1-800-238-DIVE (3483)

Decompression Diving and Hyberbaric Chamber Operation

Allentown, PA Campus
The Pro Dive Tech course requires advanced deep diving depths and dive bottom times, which take place at our deep water training facility and Satellite Campus near Allentown, PA for the final 4 weeks/ 144 hours of the 900 clock hour 25 week training program. The program will begin at our Main Campus in Erial, NJ. Then the program will transfer to our Satellite Campus, Deep Dive Quarry in Allentown, PA. Upon completion of this course you will be able to safely operate hyperbaric chambers, class II diving bells, perform decompression dives to the CSA Standards 66 to 165fsw. If you successfully complete the Pro Dive Tech Program you will have the opportunity to apply for certification with the DCBC international commercial dive unrestricted diver certification.

Professional Commercial Diving Technology Program Length

Total Classroom Hours: 268
Total Practical Experience: 632
Total Program Hours: 900 clock hours

Total Program Weeks: 25

Total Hours Per Week: 36

Total Number of Months: 6

Location: Main Campus - Erial, NJ Campus
Satellite Campus - Allentown, PA Campus
A clock hour is defined as 50 minutes of instruction in a 60-minute period of time.