Student Services

Tutoring, School Store, and More!

Tutoring, School Store, and More!

Divers Academy International® supports every aspect of student life to give students a full and rich learning environment. We take you from your first dive to your first career, and everything in between. Whether it’s ensuring you have the right equipment or getting additional tutoring after class, our diving instructors and advisors are here to help you every step of the way.

Divers Academy Student Services


The Divers Academy Student Services Department will assist students in finding local housing accommodations to suit their needs during their time at either of our campuses. Available housing options range from apartments to furnished rooms for rent, seasonal campgrounds, or low-cost motels.

School Store

Divers Academy has a fully equipped dive shop with all top name brand equipment to meet your needs. Our faculty will provide personal assistance to each student to ensure that students will be properly equipped with dive suits and all of the necessary equipment needed throughout our programs.


To ensure that our students succeed in their programs, instructors will always be available for personal tutoring sessions after class time Monday through Thursday from 4 to 5 p.m.

Medical Attention

In the event that you require medical attention, Divers Academy has access to medical clinics, local doctors, dentists, and specialists to meet your needs through our Student Services Department.

Career Placement Assistance

At Divers Academy, we take your future seriously. Our staff is ready to assist you in meeting your career goals and in securing that ever-important first position.

No matter which program you complete, we will help you develop a compelling resume to showcase your skills, experience, and qualifications. We will then network with inland and offshore companies plus our alumni to assist you with the contacts you need to land the commercial diving position you want. Although career placement cannot be guaranteed, the members of our staff will walk you step by step through the interview and negotiation procedures.

Companies frequently contact Divers Academy seeking to employ recent graduates. They recognize that our training produces graduates who are well-qualified and ready to begin their careers. As a Divers Academy graduate, you will be skilled, experienced, and highly employable.

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