From Your First Dive, To Your First Career

From Your First Dive, To Your First Career

If you’re looking for growth and advancement opportunities in an exciting, satisfying, and lucrative new career then you’ve found it! Divers Academy is a leading school in the commercial dive industry. DAI offers a high level of skill, knowledge, and technical expertise in a variety of industrial technologies including Commercial Inland Diving, International Offshore Commercial Mixed Gas Diving and Non-destructive Testing. Our courses are designed to give your new career a leading edge. So what are you waiting for? You will learn how to put safety first and make a difference on your future career.

DAI Graduate on Underwater Welding Career

From Topside to Underwater Welding Interview with DAI graduate Mike Nadik

Divers Academy Student Mike Nadik talks about why he chose Underwater Welding as a career.

“I like how [the training] pushes me both on an academic level and then also being in the water physically. It’s a challenge. I chose [Divers Academy] after looking at schools in other states because of… the level of experience the instructors have. If I’m going to learn, I want to learn from the best.”

– David Dubois

Why Commercial Diving?

“I took a tour of [Divers Academy] and thought it would be really awesome to get into… I just graduated high school last year and went to tech school for welding.”

– Mike Nadik

Why Commercial Diving School Interview with David Dubois

Interview with Student David Dubois

Learning The Ropes.

Learning the Ropes: The Role of Rigging in Commercial Diving

Commercial Diving Student Jonathan Linek talks about why he chose Divers Academy.

“I’m currently still a Vice President of a real estate firm and I was just looking for money. After doing some research on some of the other schools in the country, I thought that Divers Academy was the best choice for me based on who their instructors were and the research that I did… The instructors here have been really helpful. They’ve pretty much done everything for us that we’ve needed. Training has been great, like I said, the instructors are the best thing going.”

– Jonathan Linek

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