Training Facilities

Commercial Diving Training Facilities

Commercial Diving Training Facilities

Divers Academy International® has two school locations for our commercial diving and underwater welding classes. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer a safe and realistic training environment and present outstanding opportunities for commercial dive training and underwater welding in comparison to shallow water, polluted rivers, or small training tanks.

Our custom-designed, modern facilities include onsite open dive quarries, decompression chambers, high-tech diving helmets, modern classrooms, and fully-equipped technical labs. These will give you real-world experience, allowing you the opportunity to develop the professional skill set prospective employers are looking for.

Our Campuses

Main Campus – Erial, NJ (20 minutes south of Philadelphia)

Our Erial New Jersey Campus

Our main campus offers a 60-foot deep sand quarry and is the perfect environment to begin your commercial diving career. The water is clean with a soft sand bottom. The visibility will range from 5 to 20 feet. Located midway between Philadelphia and Atlantic City NJ, 20 minutes from Philadelphia, and 30 minutes outside Atlantic City in Southern New Jersey, the weather is mostly mild year round.

The Main Campus hosts an 11,000 square foot modern classroom, administrative offices, and a 115’ x 40’ diving barge complex that provides 25 dive stations, retractable welding stages, and a Class II diving bell. Also, onsite is a welding lab, salvage boat, pipeline system, hyperbaric chambers, and cranes. The underwater construction, salvage, and underwater welding programs take place at the main campus.

All tours are conducted at this campus.

Satellite Campus – Allentown, PA (45 minutes north of Philadelphia)

Our Erial New Jersey Campus

The Divers Academy International® Satellite Campus near Allentown, PA utilizes the deepest dive training facility in the United States: the 40-acre LaFarge Dragon Quarry with depths of 280 feet. This dive training facility is designed to train students to meet the requirements of the Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC), International Unrestricted Commercial Diver Certification. At this campus, students will make dives up to 165 feet deep to develop the professional and qualitative experience required by prospective employers.

This facility consists of a large, 50’ x 50’ barge diving complex that hosts two 54 inch hyperbaric chambers, a Class II diving bell, multiple underwater deep dive platforms and deep dive specialty equipment and gear within a 60’ x 40’ barn style barge complex.

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