Underwater Welder Training

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When you are considering schools for underwater welding, what should you be looking for? Quality underwater welding training will offer:

  • Modern equipment. It’s pointless to have underwater welding training on old or out-dated equipment. At Divers Academy International, we use only the latest commercial diving and underwater welding equipment, including the Lincoln VRTEX 360, a virtual welding simulation training device.

  • Comprehensive underwater welding training. Underwater cutting and welding is one of the main events in our school for underwater welding. You will learn wet-shielded metal-arc welding and underwater burning, and then continue to develop and refine these skills through extensive practice.

  • A real-world environment. Many schools for underwater welding only use training tanks – an artificial environment that can never give you the true sense of a dive. Our 32-acre, 60-foot-deep open water dive quarry develops your hands-on abilities and confidence in a safe, real-world environment. 

  • Underwater welding experts. All instruction at our school for underwater welding is done by professionals, including military divers, commercial divers, and successful alumni.

  • Underwater welding projects. Theory is fine, but action is where it’s at! Real-world scenarios designed to build and correlate with the functions of the diving industry make up a large part of our underwater welding training. As you rotate through a variety of responsible positions, you will learn to think critically and to make decisions and learn techniques essential for successful careers and advancement.

  • Comprehensive certifications. There is no additional cost to become a certified commercial diver and underwater welder. At the completion of your underwater welding training, you will receive all the certifications necessary to begin work in the field immediately.

At Divers Academy International, your underwater welding training will be professional, comprehensive, and rigorous – making Divers Academy your first choice among schools for underwater welding!