Underwater Welding Careers

Wet Welders Are In Demand

Wet Welders Are In Demand

As an underwater welder, you will be able to take advantage of inland and offshore career opportunities. Here are just a few employment opportunities your training at Divers Academy will prepare you for:

  • Marine Construction
    Work at nuclear power plants, water treatment facilities, and hydroelectric plants.
  • Civil Engineering
    Build and repair bridges, tunnels, dams, and other underwater structures.
  • Communications
    A wide-open and expanding field with a constant need for underwater fiber optic cable.

For those interested in the environment, underwater welding career can allow you to create a greener world in wind energy, underwater farming, or environmental research.

Dive In!

Life as an Underwater Welder

Where You Might Go
Take a typical oil rig. As an underwater welder, you would meet your dive team at the marina with your bags packed. Your team would get on a crew boat and travel several hours out to the oil rig. It’s important for you as an underwater welder to bring everything you need! Your job as an underwater welder on the rig might take several weeks or several months – and you might not return to the shore during that period of time.

What You Might Do With An Underwater Welding Career
Once on the oil rig, your underwater welding career would have you participate in an overall inspection of the rig: What cross-members need to be repaired or replaced due to storm damage? What joints have suffered corrosion? Where has the structural integrity of the rig been compromised? Wet welding on the rig starts at the bottom and proceeds toward the top. Since everything on the rig is metal, all repairs and replacements require your expertise as an underwater welder. Your underwater welding career would likely also include working in a hyperbaric habitat, essentially a large box that allows you as the underwater welder to have a dry environment in which to work. The hyperbaric habitat used on an underwater welding job could be so small there is just room enough for you to insert your hands and manipulate your welding tools, or so large that multiple underwater welders can climb in and work multiple welds simultaneously.

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