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Why Dive In New Jersey?

While there are a few commercial diving schools scattered throughout the country, there’s a good reason why students come from all over to Divers Academy in New Jersey: Our comprehensive list of dive certifications. No other school leaves you more prepared.

Step into your first job with the confidence and diving certifications you need! Divers Academy International is one of only a few commercial diving schools that offers both the ANSI American and DCBC International Unrestricted certifications. You’ll graduate with an extensive list of certifications, ensuring you are ready for whatever commercial diving career path you choose.

Local Interests

We’re also just a few hours away from the major port cities of Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Baltimore! Located midway between Philadelphia and Atlantic City NJ, we are 20 minutes from Philadelphia and 30 minutes outside Atlantic City in Southern New Jersey. Both of our campuses are located near exciting entertainment opportunities, so our students can make the most of their time while at Divers Academy. Activities you’ll find include exploring the city of Philadelphia, fishing and surfing at the Jersey Shore, and skiing or hiking at the Pocono Mountains.

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From The Desk of Tamara Brown

Divers Academy International is located in the middle of the Eastern Seaboard and the booming inland diving industry, which stretches from Boston to Florida. The port harbors located up and down the Eastern Seaboard are critical to the maritime shipping industry—as reflected in our original birth name, Divers Academy of the Eastern Seaboard, Inc. From our inception in the early 1980s, DAI has been on the cutting edge of the inland diving boom. Originally located on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River in the Port of Philadelphia, DAI was the first and still is one of the only schools to offer inland dive training and underwater substructure bridge inspection training. Inland commercial diving is a diversified industry with stable year-round employment and growth opportunities for divers. Adding to the increase of commercial diving career opportunities is the high demand for inspection, maintenance, and repair of water treatment facilities, hydroelectric and nuclear plants, wind farms, and the need to rebuild the aging port harbors along the east coast.

Tamara “Tammy” Brown
President & CEO
Divers Academy International

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